24/7 Features

The 24/7 Family Profile product includes: Family Profile, On-line Re-enrollment, On-line Class Registration, Alumni Profile, Volunteer Profile, Friends of the School Profile, eWork Requests and Club Profile. The eNews Publishing Service and Home School Profile are priced separately.

 24/7 Family Profile

The 24/7 Family Profile is the heart of the 24/7 system. The Family Profile system stores key family information on-line so parents and school staff have instant access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Family Profile records family names, addresses, phones, email addresses, business information, and grandparent’s data. 24/7 also keeps student medical records on-line so parents can easily notify the school of changes to this critical information and school health workers have the student’s current medical info. When changes have been made to the database your key staff will be notified via email of the changes.  That way not only is the database up-to-date but your staff is too.

The on-line school directory can even replace the printed directory saving the school hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. If parents want a printed copy of the directory, they can print it themselves.

24/7 On-line Re-enrollment

The on-line re-enrollment feature steps your parents through each key phase from contract acceptance to the final tuition agreement. The 24/7 re-enrollment is tailored to your school’s specific process not some generic approach. 24/7 will optionally ask your parents to make a commitment to your annual fund raising campaign and to sign up for volunteer opportunities. 24/7 re-enrollment will save your school both time and money while providing an excellent service to the customer. The on-line re-enrollment module also allows your parents to pay the enrollment deposit/fee via the 24/7 secured credit card link.

24/7 On-line Course Interest Poll and Course Registration

The course registration procedure is broken down into two phases.  Phase I is the Course Interest Poll which you may schedule to dovetail with your re-enrollment process.  The Course Interest Poll asks students along with their parents to identify the courses they would like to take the following year. Your course catalog information is setup in the system including suggested curriculums and graduation requirements.  An EXCEL spreadsheet may be downloaded at any time to analyze the results of the Interest Poll. Phase II provides the capability of your upper school students registering for next year’s classes on-line. The course registration can handle both traditional and collegiate scheduling.

24/7 eNews Publisher

The 24/7 eNews Publisher provides you with an easy process to produce a quality e-Newsletter quickly. The eNews Publisher maintains your e-newsletter articles and provides an easy layout tool. eNews Publisher comes with several e-newsletter templates.   Imagine creating a quality e-newsletter and having it in the e-mailboxes of every parent, grandparent and staff member in a matter of minutes. Coupled with the 24/7 Friends of the School “FOTS” Profile you can even send the eNews to your “friends-of-the-school”.

24/7 Alumni Connection

The 24/7 Alumni Profile gives your alumni the ability to stay connected years after leaving the “hallowed halls” behind. The 24/7 Alumni Profile, like the other 24/7 products are accessible from any place on the planet. So whether an alumnus is working in the old hometown or on another continent, staying in touch is just a click away.

24/7 Volunteer e-Coordinator

The 24/7 Volunteer e-Coordinator links the data stored in the Family Profile with the opportunities parents have to serve at your school.  The e-Coordinator makes the tedious job of organizing potentially hundreds of volunteers easy. By capturing your parents’ talent information, where they would prefer to serve and your school’s needs, the e-Coordinator makes short order of the task.

24/7 Activities, Organizations & Clubs (AOC) Profile

The AOC Profile like the Volunteer Profile links data from the Family Profile repository to the various student activities offered at school.  Whether it is for Wednesday afternoon’s Bible study, intramural Tennis, or Monday’s chess club, the AOC Profile helps you keep control of a bustling campus community.

24/7 Friends of the School Profile

The 24/7 FOTS (Friends Of The School) Profile is linked directly from your school’s website allowing any visitor to register on-line to receive your e-newsletters, development office materials, athletic and cultural event announcements and the like.  The FOTS Profile along with the eNews Publisher allows you to spread the good news about your school to a broader market while incurring very little overhead in the process. The cost savings from the eNews Publisher and FOTS Profile can easily pay for the entire 24/7 system.

24/7 eWork Requests

The 24/7 eWork Request tool helps your faculty and staff communicate with the schools maintenance, janitorial, and/or technology support staff.  The eWork Request system allows a faculty or staff person to generate an on-line work request which is saved in the database, e-mailed to the appropriate support staff person and e-mails the initiator that the work request has been successfully submitted.  After work is completed the eWork Request tool e-mails the initiator that the work has been completed.