About Us

CompuSoft Services was established in 1978 (incorporated in 1981) as a software design and consulting company.  From the very beginning, CompuSoft's customers included such notable corporations and organizations as McDonalds, Burlington Northern and NASA.  It was from business relationships such as these that CompuSoft developed a strong commitment to quality, superior service and customer satisfaction second to none.

In 1981, CompuSoft’s software development arm focused it's attention on the Graphic Arts Industry by joining forces with a team of printing professionals to develop a PC based business management software system.  This system would ultimately set the standard by which all PC based printer's software programs would be measured.  The products growth during the '80s and '90s revolutionized the way small to medium sized commercial printers managed their businesses.

In 1985, this same group of software engineers and printing professionals "broke ground" on the first true Point-Of-Sale software system designed specifically for Commercial Quick Printers.  The "QP" system, like it's commercial sibling would soon set the standard for point-of-sale systems to come.

In 1992, CompuSoft forged a strategic alliance with a college/university Facilities Management company.  This relationship was CompuSoft’s entrance into the higher education marketplace.  Today CompuSoft’s software systems are in use on college campuses from New England to California.

In 2000, CompuSoft’s consulting services group through an alliance with the Quality Assurance Institute began providing training and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. With a primary focus on quality assurance and quality control process management for information technology departments, CompuSoft has worked with some of the leading financial and insurance businesses in the country.

In 2002, CompuSoft’s web development and services group began development of the 24/7 Profile Plus system.  The 24/7 system is a web-based school management system, and was developed through a cooperative relationship with one of the southeast’s largest K-12 Christian schools and the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS).

For over two decades, CompuSoft has put quality first. CompuSoft’s customers both large and small, many stretching back over 20 years, know that they can rely on CompuSoft to solve their business problems with quality systems and service.