SBACS Members



CompuSoft Services through its association with the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS) is pleased to provide SBACS member schools access to a FREE 24/7 on-line school directory.  To begin using your on-line school directory follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact SBACS to sign up for the free SBACS ď24/7 Family ProfileĒ on-line school directory.

Step 2: Receive by email a web address and security code to access your schoolís on-line directory area.

Step 3: Parentís go to web site, create a unique screen name and password.

Step 4: Parentís login and enter their familyís data (e.g., address, phone number, email address, student names, parent/step parent/guardian information, etc.)

Step 5: Done

Using the on-line directory.

Step 1: Parent logs into system. (Note: Only parentís with the schoolís access code and their unique screen name can access the on-line directory.)

Step 2: Parent can do the following things:

    Look up and print another family address.

    Look up and print all of the siblings in a family, their names, grades, and  homeroom teacher.

    Look up and print parent & step-parent names.

    Look up and print parent & step-parent email addresses.

    Lookup and print family address including a map to their house.

    Look up and print family telephone number.

Step 3: Parent may change their family data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a  year.

Step 4: Parent can print a hard copy of the school directory.

Special discounted pricing for the full 24/7 Profile System is available for SBACS member schools.  Please contact CompuSoft at 800-932-7894 for more details.

Click the icons below for a Test Drive.  To test drive the parent site log in using jsmith for the screen name and profiles as the password. To test drive the administratorís site log in using tjones for the Admin ID with a password of profiles.

Test Drive Parentís Site

Test Drive Admin Site